Why a kauai helicopter tour is a must the next time you’re in Hawaii

A Kauai helicopter tour is one of the most enjoyable ways of capturing the expansive Kauai Island. Since only 20% of the island is developed, it’s much more exciting when seen from the air.  The views are stunning and phenomenal. Some of the notable regions in this island include Waimea Canyon, Mount Waialeale, and the Na Pali coastline. What’s more, some areas are desert-like while others experience countless rainfall. Here are the reasons Kauai helicopter tours are a must the next time you’re in Hawaii.

Waimea Canyon view

You can only get into the heart of this natural wonder through a helicopter. You’ll have a chance to see the Waimea waterfalls lining on the walls. Plus, you’ll view the spectacular ridge lines, red cliffs, deep valleys, tropical rainforests, and most importantly the red water of the Waimea River. From an aerial point of view, the iron-rich soil brings out the characteristic red hue. The pilot will always point on the streams and the waterfalls that have curved in the broad river. Waimea is a vast geographical feature on Kauai Island.  Many of the waterfalls are not accessible by road.

Na Pali coast

This is one of the major attractions on the island. The coastline stretches for about 15 kilometers. Na Pali consists of fertile valleys, colored sea cliffs, and remote beaches. The pilot will show the Honopu Arch that ends at the steep-drop off. You’ll then get a view of the Kalalau
valley; one of the famous valleys in Na Pali. This area is famous for archeological remains. Besides, you’ll see pinnacle shaped formations that look like a church. As you continue flying towards the northern side, you’ll have a clear view of the Hanakoa valley. This is where the Hawaiian warriors used to train in ancient times. On top of that, you’ll see land-forms along the coast including the paddler’s arch and giant lava tubes. This part of Kauai is only accessible by air.

Waialeale crater

This is the birthplace of Kauai Island. The massive mountain is over 5000 feet. A helicopter will take you at the heart of this mysterious place. The crater was as a result of a shield volcano. When you fly lower, you’ll see waterfalls lining on the crater and dense jungle. Here, visitors are not allowed without the local guide.


Kauai is commonly referred to as the `Garden Isle.’ With an experienced pilot, you’ll be taken through the hidden waterfalls, mountain ranges, and areas where movie scenes were shot. Most helicopter tours will last for 45 minutes to one hour. Some companies will offer more extended flight hours.

It’s time you see Kauai in a whole new light!