Iconic tattoos from legendary rock musicians over the years

Tattoos are known as the identity of rock stars. No matter in which era they are but tattoos are always used to show their aggression towards the music. Tattoos are always the coolest thing to do for the youngsters and music freaks.

If you are the one who is the biggest fan of rock stars and want to know about the best tattoo styles used by the famous rock stars then here are the details.


Henry Rollins was known as one of the famous rock stars of the time and he got a kind of tattoo on his back which was terrifying and aggressive at the same time. People who are from the same field may understand the meaning of this tattoo.

The tattoo was known as the terrifying sun and demon. The face of the sun was horrible and it was on his muscular back.


A rock star named Mastondon Brent got a tattoo which is a brave step to attempt. People go for the back and hands tattoos but it’s a big risk when you are having a tattoo on your face.

The tattoo on the face of the rock star was known as warrior mask. It was edgy and it emerged from the side of the face which looked like he is wearing some sort of mask and coming back from some war.


You must have seen many tattoos but it’s not possible to witness this kind of tattoo which is dense and covered the whole back. The one who owned this tattoo was Tim, the rock star.

He got a tattoo which covered his whole back with the ink and it felt like he is wearing some sort of uniform and he is a soldier going to the war. Some people claim that he used a tattoo pain savior to get this tattoo applied.


According to the survey and reports, it has been official that the famous tattoo series award goes to the James Hetfield. If you ever take a closer look at his body you’ll be able to see how many patterns and stories are written on his body.

The different tones of inks and patterns on his body make him an ultimate rock star. He is known as the real champion of tattoos and you can see from chest to arms and lower abdomen, there are just tattoos on his body.


Rock star Rev who is not among us anymore got the tattoo on his body which was typical and unique. It felt like after watching his tattoo that he is kind of some sports person who is wearing a shirt with his number that is number 0.

Just above the shirt, you can see different inks painting the pattern of illumination. His tattoo looked like a hard one and intense from the patterns.